Email Advertising & Marketing Campaign Software

Email Advertising & Marketing Campaign Software

A simple, useful, and cost effective way to communicate with your audience!

Email marketing is a must have for building your business online. By utilizing eye-catching and effective email communications you can keep in touch with customers and prospects while building strong customer relationships with them. It's much more effective than regular email.

Benefits of Email Marketing include:

  • Boosting customer communication - Email newsletters are simple and easy to create. And because they are inexpensive to make you can send them more regularly. In addition, email marketing places your message in the customers’ inbox more accurately than regular email. And using email marketing best practice strategies will help you avoid spam filters and be seen by more people.
  • Communicate with targeting - A great way to increase the impact of your email newsletters is to segment your customer list into smaller ones based on interests. This allows you to send more relevant and targeted messages to each group. They'll be more likely to respond to and act on your emails.Email Advertising & Marketing Campaign             Software
  • Easily get more referrals - Like all email, newsletters are easy to forward to other people. So your loyal customers can pass your newsletters along to their friends who may become new prospects for. 
  • Immediate response and action - Sending emails is quick, and so are the results with real-time reports. You can even schedule your emails to be delivered when your audience is most likely to check their email in order to increase the chances that they will read and act on it.
  • Track who reads and responds - Track and see who has opened your emails, whether they forwarded them to friends and who you have to resend the email to. You can also set up your campaign to track what links in your emails were clicked on so you can keep up to date on what your audience is interested in reading about so you can tailor your content to get the best response from your message.

The Magnetiks Salesperson online business system is affordable for any small business budget. Our online business console allows you to easily start, manage and track your email marketing campaigns and you can send as many permission-based email newsletters as you want.

There's nothing to print, no stamps to buy and no envelopes to stuff.

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